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About me

I set up my business in 1995. Initially, at the earlier stage, I’ve been engaged primarily in publishing, including graphic design and desktop publishing of free advertising and promotional materials (wall calendars, wall maps, brochures etc.). Thanks to these high quality publications, my business has become well-known in Hungary’s southern regions. Since 1995 I have been prepared and published hundreds of advertising material.
In addition to the above publications, I’ve carried out graphic works of many-many different printed materials and also have been involved in printing of those. I’ve prepared brochures, books, interactive DVDs and many more advertising and promotional products. My works have been characterized by high quality, clear and attractive design.
In the past few years, I’ve gathered a lot of experience of creation and effective operation of online shopping services, of credit/debit card payment solutions and of business opportunities in internet marketing.
For me, the high volume of recurring orders suggests that my Partners have been satisfied with my services. In addition to regional businesses, there have been a growing number of large-scale companies and banks to become my partner. I’m striving for fair business relationship with my Customers.

I’m a socially-focused person who is interested to know whatever everything which happens in the world. I’ve been engaged in voluntary actions since 1999.

My favorite hobby is nature photography. I’ve been taking photos, especially nature photos, since my childhood. I won award on various photo competitions in Hungary and abroad, while one of my nature photos was among the best 100 Hungarian pictures in the National Geographic International Photography Contest.

Zoltán Purgel

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